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"You are part of the night, just like me. We're not afraid of the dark—we come alive in it... we’re thrilled by it."
Catwoman (to Batman) Catwoman vol. 1 #40

Yesterday, we celebrated Batman Day by unveiling an overview of the Batman role-playing game, a true declaration of love for this universe which will be explored from every angle and will offer new intrigues to those who will have the courage (or the obligation) to walk the streets of Gotham.

Today, we start unveiling what Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 3 has to offer when the campaign launches in 2021. Season 3, whose focus will be gameplay revitalization, comfort, and accessibility.
Here’s a taste of how we intend hitting that goal, starting with bringing in the Big Guns.

-A Total Rulebook and Missions booklet Upgrade: by Paul Grogan. Author and publisher of numerous rulebooks and owner/creator/host of the Gaming Rules! YouTube channel.
 Paul is totally focused on rewriting the booklets to improve game rules accessibility and information comprehension, a reworking that will be invaluable for first time players and seasoned veterans alike.

These revised booklets will be available before we launch Season 3 as pdf’s so that our long-term fans have access to them as soon as possible and these upgraded booklets will be included in the Season 3 core game Box and available as printed copy Season 3 add-ons.

-A Solo Player / Cooperative Game Mode. Season 3 will provide you with the rules to play “we’re  all in this together” or totally alone “lockdown” mode.  These rules are different than those we’ve designed for the Conan boardgame as we wanted each game to continue to develop its own identity.

Whether playing as a group is your thing, or finding local players is a challenge, OR synching friend schedules is a nightmare, the solo/coop mode allows you gameplay flexibility – and it is completely backwards compatible with all the previously published Adventure mode scenarios -

You read that right! All of the Adventure mode scenarios from Season 1 and Season 2 are fully playable in this new mode.

-Additionally – After the success of meeting our reprint numbers for Conan, we’ll open up another online survey prior to the Season 3 Kickstarter so that you can help us select exactly what will have be available from the previous 2 seasons, Your votes will affect our selection, so you’d better speak up!

 But that’s not all. Rumours run through the streets of Gotham, whispers of storage solutions, game aids and much more.

Because there may be other game boards, other miniatures, other adventures or game modes joining in the fun. Which part of the Batverse would you like to see Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 3 mark? Do our detectives have any leads or theories on this?

We'll be talking about Batman again very soon, but as many suspect, next week will be mostly devoted to other games. To other ... BATTLES.


El modo coop es lo que mas me interesa y las soluciones de almacenamiento pues tambien jaja

Muy interesado en ese modo Cooperativo y en la solución de almacenaje... a ir preparando la pasta XDDDDDDDDDD
También están anunciando en su Facebook un nuevo juego de rol.

Me interesa el modo cooperativo. Lo de los manuales ya era hora, tiene delito que sacasen una cosa tan terrible; logran hacer ininteligible un juego que de concepto es bien sencillo. Aunque como los sacarán solo en inglés y en francés con el PDF add-on que me ahorro ...que ya tiene delito que pretendan cobrar por eso.

Respecto al resto de material muy seguramente pasando por completo. Ya pillé un all-in de la season 1 y después la caja de la liga de las sombras, tengo ya más material del que puedo jugar.


La pega de esta gente es que ya le han pillado el gusto a las Preventas, sin decirte tema de Envíos claros y luego como ya pasó con la Season 2 que pillando varias cajas entre varios, el Envío clavada de a tanto por uno san Bruno, nada de ahorro y con el Conan ya ha sido de chiste los abusivos Gastos de Envío y no se han bajado del burro esta vez y los han mantenido. :(


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