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« Respuesta #30 en: Enero 30, 2015, 11:22:32 pm »
thats true than as you raise level with your character, there is a lot of dice to use...

Mauro, you have thought about lower the initial dice you throw? as a brainstorming idea, you can have 4 of strength, but you only throw half of this dice?


Strength 4, rolls 2 dice.

Dextery 3, rolls two dice: 1d10 dice, and  1d6 (because 3 it is not divisible).

Inteligence 6, rolls 3 dice

and so on.

what do you think? it is only an idea jeje, not know if it can work :)

Or you can lower the initial stats:

you want strength 4 for your initial hero, so you put strength 2.

Sorry if they are not good ideas jeje :)

That is how the current (Working) system of the d10 works, you have Strength, but the melee attack bonus is half the Strenght. It works well but it creates a lot of clutter with statistics, having to write S4(2) for every single attack attribute is not very pleasant to look at and people who are not accustomed to RPGs finds this very confusing (it took me an hour to make my brother understand this system because he is not a RPG gamer :) ).

I think that system I was discussing before works well because is essentially custom dice disguised as d6.

Think about it, all a custom dice is a 6 faced dice with for example 3 faces blank and 3 faces with "hits"? Then it is a regular d6 which hits only a 4+ (1-3 misses). There is no difference at all except for the visual aspect of it.

HeroQuest works this way:

Hero attack dice = d6 which hits on a 4+
Hero Defence Dice = d6 which blocks a Hit on a 5+

Monster Attack Dice = d6 which hits on a 4+
Monster Defence Dice = d6 Which blocks on a 6.

The icons only make it prettier and easier to understand but the mechanics are the same as what I am trying to do with the Speed, Accuracy and Damage system :)

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