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« en: Abril 19, 2014, 02:08:09 pm »


Description: JRPG-inspired, 16-bit noir detective Role Playing Game!
Kickstarter ending date: May 11 2014
Number of players: 1 Player
 Language: English.
Estimated delivery: December 2014.



Of course Pixel Noir is a 16-bit game, but hey! Do not underestimate it.

As you can see, we are in front of a 2D game with 3D atmospheric elements making this game curious and attractive with a beautifully-pixelated Film Noir visual style.

In addition, we have seen motion comic cutscenes, which introduce the player into the Film Noir atmosphere.

Epic! Love it! In my opinion, music is a very positive aspect for this game, hope the rest of the themes are as good as these ones!

Here you can listen to the first boss theme


Game features:
•   Intuitive touch controls for the iOS platform provide a seamless gaming experience
•   Structure of gameplay allows easy access playability for both the casual and hardcore gamer
•   Crime scene investigation sequences hone your detective skills
•   Dynamic comic book-style cut scenes
•   JRPG-style battles complete with a “timed hit” mechanic

Simple and fast paced turn-based battle system with timed attacks, timed blocks, skill trees and combo attacks. Also, you will have to explore Pinnacle City in order to find answers to your questions. We will find lots of sidequests, unlockable achievements, and, of course, in this atmosphere… Why shouldn’t you look for a black market?!

Oh, and it has a CARD GAME! We will have to wait a bit to see how it works but it will be there!
I found it is the perfect mixture of past and present, you will not feel playing just a retro game with nowadays features, you will find playing a balanced and enjoyable game!

Here you have a gameplay shared by SWDTech Games


If you like RPG and feel attracted by 16-bit graphics this is definitely your game, as we have said it is a very complete game, an intriguing story, RPG features, and a great atmosphere. If we have a chance to test the game we will tell you about our own experience while playing, for now we have a very good impression of the game.

We would appreciate so much your support! We will upload more reviews!

NOTE: We are reviewers, we do not try to sell anything. The only thing we do is to support projects by writing a review regarding the project itself and spreading the word about it. THANKS!!