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Mythic Games anuncia cambios para 2023


Aunque ya se ha comentado en otros hilos, creo que merece una noticia propia.

Mythic Games transforms to better face 2023
With over 15,000 backers already delivered for Darkest Dungeon (and counting), we're proud to announce that Darklands is in the final stages of delivery as we speak. 6: Siege and Rise of the Necromancers are already scheduled for 2023 delivery.
Mythic Games has set a goal to deliver, one after the other, the other pending games that were successfully launched on Kickstarter, of which HEL and Anastyr are the flagship projects the company plans to build on in the future. The strategy for 2023 is based on the following three decisions:

1 - Rationalization of the portfolio
2 - Reorganization of the teams
3 - Digitalization of the company

Rationalization of the portfolio

Mythic Games' first major decision for the end of the year is the rationalization of its games portfolio (brands, licenses, games in development, etc.). With more than thirty games in its catalog, it was becoming very complicated for all the development teams to achieve a work corresponding to the quality standard we have always wanted. In fact, we proceeded to sell a certain number of IPs to different publishers in order to focus on the three main ones, Darkest Dungeon, HEL and Anastyr.

Reorganization of the teams

With a smaller catalog of games and the need to be more flexible, Mythic Games has begun to reorganize its product development and communications teams, including bringing in new outside talents. We realize that such a reorganization has caused a significant lag in communication with our fans and community, but we're doing our best to keep it as short as possible. We strive to make communication from us as quick and seamless as possible in the future.

Digitalization of the company

A real digital strategy has been put in place since September. It includes the following elements :

- building a digital strategy of inbound marketing with a content strategy for an omnichannel communication
- Implementation of the best digital tools on the market (such as Hubspot, Zendesk) to manage its digital communication and intensify the sales of its merchant site
- Mythic Games is investing in the creation of a new e-commerce website in 2023.We know it has been a bumpy and frustrating road for our fans and backers. It has been for us as well.

This new transformation will guide us into the future of Mythic Games that will focus on providing a positive overall board game and community experience for you. Thank you for your patience and support.

Diferente día, misma mierda...

La forma mona de decir que no pueden con lo que tienen en el plato y que achican agua del naufragio, esperando que los tres maderos que se quedan en su portfolio les saquen a flote. La han liado pero bien, se postulaban a ser una grande y se han quedado en el tintero abarcando mucho más de lo que podían digerir. Triste.

Vaya no me lo esperaba, tiene mala pinta cosa... Pinta mu mal.

bueno, no son tan buenas noticias, pero al menos dan la cara y siguen entregando juegos, no como los impresentables de Sodad Pop, que a día de hoy aún no sabemos a dónde fueron a parar el 1.290.522 de dólares de su campaña de Super Dungeon Legends.


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